Additive Scene Groups

A set based additive scene workflow for Unity



When it comes to working solo on a project, it is very easy to dump every game object and prefab into one scene and just make it work. Sometimes you might need to add a new scene for a new level, but at any time in the game, there is generally one scene active. However, when working collaborately, having single scenes leads to problems:

In an additive scene workflow, the monolithic scene can be split into multiple smaller scenes, each with a significant purpose. For example, a game can be composed of { Logic, UI, Environment } scenes, where each team member can work separately. At the end of the day, every scene can be loaded simultaneously to give the illusion of a singular scene.

How to get it

You can grab it on Gitlab by following the link below!


While the repository is currently listed under Gitlab, we will be migrating the repository to our Github soon.