Getting Started

What are the main components of Dani AI?

AI Brain

The AIBrain is a component that controls which set of actions the AI executes. Like MonoBehaviour scripts in Unity, it attaches to a GameObject in the Inspector.


Each field in the AIBrain is explained in the table below.

Field Description
Template Defines the set of behaviours that the AIBrain can perform.
Execution Order Defines when the brain will execute a step. See below.

The AIBrain can run in one of three modes:

AI Template

While the AIBrain decides on a set of AI behaviours to run, it needs to know what behaviours it can possibly run. These behaviours are stored in assets known as AITemplate, which are created by right-clicking in the Project window and clicking Create -> Dani AI -> AI Template.


Field Description
Comments Write a descriptive comment so others know what this Template does.
Open in the Editor Opens a custom editor for you to edit the AI’s behaviours.

Node Editor

The node editor is a visual tool where the internal properties of the AI can be changed. The editor can be accessed by clicking
Tools -> InitialPrefabs -> Dani AI -> Open Editor.


The node editor comes in three parts as indicated by the image above.

Number Name Description
1 AI Template Toolbar Shows the current AITemplate being edited, as well as enabling debugging during Play Mode and taking screenshots.
2 Context Menu Shows an inspector of selected nodes.
3 Graph Editor Show the nodes inside an AITemplate.

Much of your work will be in the Graph and Context Menu.

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