Behaviour Concepts


In reality, many animals from ants to humans tend to follow three basic rules whenever it wants to do something:

Dani AI models these rules in the form of nodes connecting to each other to create a context of what the AI will do. Each node is specialized in general groups according to the chart below:

Node Type Description
Observer Gathers information for the AI based on the current surroundings, e.g. the agent’s current health.
Decision Contains actions that are executed when certain conditions run, e.g. running away when low on health.
Action What the AI is currently doing or will do, e.g. finding a point to run away to and play the run animation.

The entire behaviour within Dani AI runs in the following order:

Thus, observers gather information similar to an organism’s senses, decisions act as an organism’s thought patterns, which are then supplemented by a series of actions to perform the thought.

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