An interface that describes a brain that can run AI actions via AITemplates

public interface InitialPrefabs.DaniAI.IAIBrain


Type Name Summary
ExecutionType ExecutionOrder When the brain should run its AI Step (during Update, OnUpdate, etc.).
RunningState RunningStatus The current running state of the brain. The brain will only run when its status is set to running (via StartBrain()).
AITemplate RuntimeTemplate The runtime version of the template used to perform AI-related actions.
AITemplate Template The template that this brain is using to perform actions.


Type Name Summary
void Pause() Pauses the brain and its AI nodes.
void RestartBrain() Restarts the brain and runs all AI steps from scratch.
void Resume() Attempts to resume the brain from its paused state.
void RunActionStep() Runs the appropriate set of actions as defined by the active decision.
void RunAIStep() Plays all AI Steps (observation, decision, action) together in one go.
void RunDecisionStep() Updates the decision to the next active decision.
void RunObservationStep() Updates observervation values.
void StartBrain() Starts the brain by picking a decision and running the observer step.
void StopBrain() Stops the brain from running all functions.
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