The “thoughts” of the agent. Generates a score based on the connected conditions for the brain to consider which Decision to run. Additionally selects which actions to run when the Decision is selected by the AIBrain.

public abstract class InitialPrefabs.DaniAI.Decision
    : AINode


Type Name Summary
DecisionRunType CurrentRunType Indicates how the decision should run the connected actions.
Boolean FocusWhenSelected When set to true, artificially boosts the current Decision’s score to prevent other decisions of similar scores from overriding the current Decision.
Boolean IsInterruptable Can the AIBrain stop this Decision in place of another Decision with a higher score?
float Priority A multiplier that determines the decision’s importance in relation to other decisions.
float ScoreBoostOnFocus The bonus score that the decision recieves when it is selected by the AIBrain. This value is only applied when FocusWhenSelected is set to true.
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