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  • Modifying the Execution Order of Actions

    Action Run Types

    When forming connections between Decisions and Actions, Dani AI gives you the ability to control the order of Actions that will be executed. This is done by selecting a Decision and changing the order in Connected Actions in the Inspector.

    By default, all connected Actions run sequentially. By selecting the drop down menu, Run Type, we can change the run type to one the following:

    • Sequential
      • Runs all connected Actions sequentially.
    • Random
      • Selects one connected Action randomly and runs it.
    • Concurrent
      • Runs all connected Actions until all of them succeed or at least one of the them fails.

    We can change the Decision’s run type as displayed in the GIF below. showing-decision-runtypes

    Action Reordering

    We can change the order of execution for the Actions as shown below: reordering-actions

    Editor Info

    When the AIBrain runs your AITemplate in Play Mode, icons are shown in the Action to display their current state:

    • : An action is currently running.
    • : An action is currently waiting to run.
    • : An action succeeded.
    • : An action failed.

    Here is an example of setting the run type to Sequential sequential-actions

    Here is an example of setting the run type to Concurrent. concurrent-actions